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Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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Here are some of the missionaries who have shared with us their vision and a message about the work of God they are doing and whom we at the Vernon Advent Christian Church support directly, either monthly or intermittently.  All truly appreciate your prayer and support.
United Outreach     
Donnelly's     Marco     Mears'     Olssen's     William Levi                                                                            You also might check out the Voice of the Martyrs webpage

United Outreach

The Vernon Advent Christian Church supports all of our AC missionaries and missions through the United Outreach Fund (the compiled giving of all our churches to support not only missions (a major part) but also all the departments such as Nurture, Publications, etc.).  For more information please visit the ACGC website and browse the Ministries tab:   The Department of World Outreach page can be found at: While portions of this page are still under construction, you can click on the country of your choice in the Africa and Europe Areas to learn more about the missions we support there.   

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The Donnelly Family
(L to R) Mikaela, Deb, Meghan, Sean

Rev. Sean and Deb Donnelly

The Donnelly family serves in Burlington, NC at MAG Headquarters. As MAG’s President and Director of International Field Operations, Sean develops and oversees all missionary flight operations outside the United States. He also helps train missionary pilots for field service. Deb teaches at a nearby Christian school.
Sean is rated as an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI-Gold Seal) with over 3100 flight hours.  You can contact the Donnellys at:
MAG stands for "Missionary Air Group: delivering Help and Hope by Air" and their website can be found at  "MAG Delivers... Medical Transport... Mobile Clinics... Mission Support" and "as a partner ministry, MAG serves as the "International Field Operations Department" of HIM (Harvester's International Mission)...which was formed in 1984 to supply missionary pilots with needed aircraft" and has done so "in Mexico, Central America, South America, West Africa, Papua New Guinea, and Micronesia."       
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(L to R) Marcus and Maria Kamberger,  
Ledy and Pastor Ray Marco

Pastor Ray & Ledy Marco

The mission of Cristo Salva began in 1990, after a brief visit to Honduras by Pastor Ray Marco and church members Markus and Maria Kamberger, of the Oak Grove Church in Miami. Maria and Marcus asked Pastor Ray to pray for her sister who had been diagnosed with cancer. They explained that she was in Honduras and they wanted Pastor Ray to go to Honduras with them to lay hands on her and pray. Deeply burdened by the poverty, sickness and spiritual need they observed while in Honduras, they earnestly prayed, asking God what they could do to help.
Within months, Markus and Maria had the opportunity to purchase a 250-acre farm in the poor mountain village they had visited earlier. In January 1991, the first ministry team was commissioned from Oak Grover Church with supplies and ministry tools for the local churches. The farm quickly became a mission base and was dubbed Hacienda Cristo Salva. Cristo Salva is translated Jesus Christ Saves. 
 For additional information about the ministry and mission of Cristo Salva contact Pastor Ray Marco at
Christo Salva, "A Ministry of Encouragement to the People of Honduras" is "meeting the need through provision, through education, through spiritual education, through medical and dental care" and their website can be found at
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Michael & Jeannie Mears

Michael & Jeannie Mears

Tauranga, New Zealand:  MIke & Jeannie Mears are overseas workers with Elim Fellowship, Lima,New York. We are working in the South Pacific with Marine Reach- Youth With A Mission (YWAM), a mobile medical ministry.  
To keep up with the Mears, their blog can be found at  You can also email them at

Karl & Ann Olsson

Right after the 7.0 earthquake January 12, 2010, Convoy of Hope, an international disaster/relief organization asked us to organize a distribution center helping 4000+ people with food, drinking water, water filters, and other relief supplies.  COH asked us to become their Field Associates in Haiti, as of May 2010.  Now we manage a guesthouse for COH, with groups of pastors and others coming and see where their donations are being used.  We also continue to distribute water filters to families, giving them the opportunity to have safe and clean water in their homes, which is a major key to better health.  Visit our webpage at      
Outside of Pastor Regaurd's church, Haiti. 


William Levi, Founder and President Operation Nehemiah 

"A Messianic believer from an African Hebrew tribal group, William grew up as a refugee in the wilderness of Uganda. As a teen he returned to his homeland in The Sudan, only to face persecution, arrest, and torture. His miraculous escape from jihad forces was the first step in an odyssey that ultimately led to a new life in the United States. He went on to earn his BS in Manufacturing Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology. In 1993, he founded Operation Nehemiah Missions and he relinquished his engineering career to answer God’s call in his life to be the voice of the persecuted Church in the Sudan."   Here is a link to William Levi's site:
October 4-11, 2012 Trip to Mexico:  See Brad Ellis for details.  Mexico Medical Website
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