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December 2013

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Antioch School
December 2013
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This is a monthly update for Advent Christians who are interested in Antioch School.  It will include updates, upcoming opportunities, practical information and stories from students and groups.  I hope you find this useful.


Please consider joining us for another round of courses beginning in January.  Our Fall Semester was well-attended and got good reviews by many of the participants.  Web-ex has allowed us to have a way to connect with people from all over New England and beyond in a weekly small group setting right from our offices.  Since I travel regularly and am not able to be in the same church all the time or connect with a Bible study group, I personally have found my Antioch Courses to meet many needs in my life.  I am growing more than I have at any time in my life, I enjoy the fellowship of a small group meeting every week, and I am being forced into the Word on a deeper level all through the week.  I plan to continue in Antioch School long after I have been through all of the courses once through!


Ultimately we hope that you will get established in the material and that those of you in remote places will be aided through these groups.  Ultimately, however, we want to keep before you that the goal in all of this is to prepare you to bring this teaching back to your local church to equip and disciple your local church family.  Remember, the facilitators of these courses are not your mentors. 


The courses and times for the January Semester are:


Leaders                        David  Patterson                 Monday 3-4:30

Pauline                          Greg Moody                        Tuesday 6-7:30

Interpreting 2               Greg Twitchell                     Wednesdays 3:30-5

Preaching                     Roger Brown                      Thursdays TBA

Acts                                pending interest

Registration is $10
Course materials $80

You can register by contacting the Regional Office and speaking with Carolyn Schaeffner at 603-332-1412 or  The registration fee is to help with the cost of Web-ex and the Course materials cover your book and shipping.  If you already have a book, it is only $10 to join.  We will need to have a check sent to us before we can order a book for you.  You will need to have a computer with a webcam and high speed Internet to join the online meeting.  The first class will be the week of January 6th for an introduction and equipment test.  Issue 1 of Unit 1 will be due the week of January 13th.  Courses will all finish by the week of April 28th.  In order to get your book to you on time, please register by December 30th!




I was blessed to be able to attend the Antioch Leaders Summit in Ames Iowa in November of this year.  I was joined by Jeff Vann, from Virginia who works for the World Outreach Department of ACGC, Dr. Sam Warren from Florida, who also works for ACGC, and Jesse Stevens, from Baraboo, Wisconsin.  The four of us enjoyed learning and growing together over the course of the week. 


For the first four days we each attended a variety of classes.  Jeff and Jesse were in Certified Leader Training, while Sam and I took advantage of some of the 2 Day Course Overviews.  Sunday night I attended Steve Kemps house church, which was a real treat.  There was an International flavor as a dozen or more International leaders were there and took part in the worship and sharing time that followed dinner.  Wednesday night I was invited to Sean Barber's home to meet his family along with some other Convention participants.  I had a good time reconnecting with Sean as he came out and brought a teaching on Church Planting for us back in September. 


Jeff Reed taught and facilitated others who shared their stories on Thursday and all day Friday.  He helped us to understand the way Paul established the Church in the world of his day by targeting cities and training leaders and that we need to be doing the same thing today.  He gave us copies of his 6th Encyclical entitled, "Shepherding, Counseling and Sustainability, the Importance of a Well-Trained Eldership".  I learned that 3/5 of the people in the world live in Asia and that is why BILD is investing so heavily there as they want to make an impact where the majority of people live.


We heard from some of the largest Church Planting Network leaders in the World about how they are using  BILD materials to train their Type I-V leaders for ministry.  I was impressed by the group who is there, and all are working on their Doctorates, to lead the way for the people who they are training (and many of these men already have doctorates in other fields!)  I met the Sr. Pastor of the largest Church in India and how they are de-constructing their traditional church to move to a house church model and are training all of their leaders in preparation for this huge change.  We heard from the leadership team from "The Church Dispersed" out of Orlando, Florida and how they have bought into the Antioch model for training leaders.  They will be the first Mega-Church in North America to completely follow this new paradigm.  We also heard from the vice-president of Wycliff Associates and what they are doing to partner with Antioch School to do translation work and assist in the expansion of the church in Asia.


I learned that the goal is to have the entire curriculum available on-line.  You will sign in with your user name and password and be able to see pdf's of all the course materials.  You can even change to any language with the click of a button.  This will transform the ease of use for International students and leaders and cut down on printing and shipping costs in a huge way. 


These are exciting developments, and I was amazed to be sitting at the table with men and women of such vision and import.  To be literally reaching the world with the gospel and training up leaders for the establishment of the Church in every Country on the planet! 


The Summit ended with a very appropriate appeal to each of us to consider financially supporting this incredible work.  There were a variety of levels for churches and individuals to contribute at.  It is my hope that one day, we Advent Christians may be able to do our part in financially supporting this important work.  It was an incredible Conference and I am hoping that I can return next year to be stretched once again and see what is taking place along this Road to Rome.



I must admit that I am still learning as I go.  I have been an AS user for over 3 years now and there is still so much to learn!  I will try to pass things along to you all as I learn them to help bring you all up to speed on how things work.  When I was at the Antioch Summit this Fall, I took two overviews of courses.  These are two-day intensives that give you an idea of what a course is all about before you go through it.  I have done several of these and find them very helpful in getting the big picture of a course. 


So I took Theology in Culture and The Law over four days, both with Bill Burns.  Currently I am working on a Masters in Ministry degree and have taken most of the required Series I courses at this point.  So I thought that I may push right on and go for a Doctor of Theology degree next.  This would be the normal thought process at any other Institution of Higher Learning.  But you have to remember that AS is not like any other Institution of Higher Learning.  When I told Bill of my plans, he kind of chuckled and said, "that's not how it works here.  There are 10 Courses in series II, four Old Testament, four New Testament, Culture at the beginning and Civilization at the end.  One time through these courses is considered the equivalent of a Bachelor's Degree, twice all the way through is the equivalent of a Masters and it will take you three times to earn a doctorate in Theology."  


After I picked myself up off the floor, I said, "no way!"  A minimum of 12 years to earn a Doctor of Theology?  There's no way I want to go through that!  Then, as I digested what the work was all about and the depth of understanding that goes into developing a Biblical Theology, I realized that I have to do this.  It is what "Lifelong learning is all about!"  I felt and still feel compelled to dedicate my life to this level of understanding God's word.  Whether I earn a piece of paper at the end or not, I want to be a student of the Word, I want to follow through with the discipline of serious ordered learning the rest of my life. 


This brief article was not meant to scare you off, but to inspire you.  The more I learn, the more I want to learn and share what I am learning with others.  I am intending to put together a cohort of students to begin Series II in 2015.  You will need to take Interpreting the Word I & II and Covenants as pre-requisites, which will be offered in 2014.  I hope that some of you will feel the call to go deeper and will work toward joining me on this life long adventure!  



I would like to host a live Certified Leader Training in New England in the Spring of 2014.  Since this is available on-line, what I need to know is if there would be any interest in doing a live training?  Please let me know if you or someone you know would be interested in a live Certified Leader Training by e-mailing me at


Another upcoming event that I am not ready to put a date on is that we would like to offer a couple of web-ex discussions just for our group with Steve Kemp.  I would like to do one each year around the Encyclicals that have been written by Jeff Reed and then offer a second one around a another issue that we could spend some time working through as a group.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions or if this idea interests you at all.


Please check out: for more free online trainings. 

Your Antioch Representative,

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Greg Twitchell
Superintendent, Eastern Region


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