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August 2013

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July/August 2013

Rev. Russell Carle and Supt. Greg Twitchell baptizing a camper at Big Lake 2012.

No words!

There are no words to capture the look on this child's face immerging from the waters after being baptised!  We want your pictures and stories of events from your 2013 Campmeeting experiences. 


Send your JPEG pictures and write up (to and we will include these in the next coming months.  You would not believe how much of a blessing it is to folks to read of how the Lord moved!  


The 2013 Eastern Regional Convention is Around the Corner

The heat of summer is finally giving way to the gentle onset of fall, which also means the beginning of getting plans ready for the Eastern Regional Convention.


Be looking for a separate mailing in a week or two.  We will be trying a new way to register this year - on-line!  Don't worry, we will still have one mailing by paper too!  

"The Way of Christ and the Apostles"
Church Planting Convergance

September 6 & 7, 2013 at Emmanuel Church, Rochester, NHconvergance

Join us for a time of teaching and discussion around church planting for the Eastern Region. We will have Sean Barber from the Antioch School leading us in a teaching and discussion around the Biblical model of planting and how we can apply that to our time and place today. 

Please join us for this discussion, which is designed to begin moving us toward a culture of church planting.


Happy Birthday - Alton Bay Campmeeting Association

ABCA Tenting postcard

You are invited to join us on Saturday, September 7, 2013 for:

Happy Birthday Alton Bay Campmeeting Association!

Saturday September 7, 2013 will be the 150th Anniversary of what is now the Alton Bay Campmeeting Association (d/b/a the Alton Bay Christian Conference Center).  150 years ago on Monday, September 7, 1863 campmeeting began at Alton Bay and went through the next Sunday.


Come celebrate with us if you are someone who has visited the grounds of the Alton Bay Campmeeting Association (ABCA) over the years, some who have always been curious about the ABCA (among the oldest Advent Christian Campmeetings in New England), an ABCA member or friend, a history buff, or just an interested party.


Come for the day or just for the 1:30 PM Birthday Party. [Or come for a few days just to enjoy Alton Bay.  Call the ABCA Office at (603) 875-6161 if you desire overnight lodging.]


Schedule for September 7, 2013:


9:00 AM      Prayer Coffee at the Prayer Altar.


10:30 AM    Praise Service with Congregational Singing, Special Music, and the Sharing of 

                  Special Memories in the Tabernacle.


12:15 PM    Lunch by Reservation Only in the Lombard Center.  Call (603) 875-6161.


1:30 PM      Birthday Party:  Cake, Ice Cream and Beverages.  Everyone is Welcome!!!


There will be historical and other displays available plus a campus wide open house.


Look for more detailed event information over the next few weeks.


ABCCC Sesquicentennial  -  1863-2013

The summer of 2013 marks the 150th Anniversary of the first Campmeeting that was held on the grounds of what we now know as the Alton Bay Christian Conference Center (ABCCC).  Although there are not detailed records, we know that an announcement for the first Campmeeting was made in the Adventist publication, The World Crisis.  Thousands of people traveled to Alton Bay by horse and buggy, railroad, and steamboat to attend Campmeeting in 1863.


In 1863, they no doubt came seeking the type of preaching that gave insight to holy living and could not fail to impress the hearer.  During the last 150 years, countless people have traveled to Alton Bay for a week of campmeeting, a single Sunday service, part (or all) of a summer-long program, or various retreats throughout the year.  Now, as people come to the ABCCC, it continues to be with the expectation that this is a place of spiritual rest and refreshment, a place to develop a closer personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and a place to develop 'forever friends'.


We invite and encourage you to join us throughout the summer as we celebrate our heritage, worship together, grow in our faith, and seek to know God's vision and plan for the ongoing ministry and outreach of the ABCCC, both now and in the future, as we await the coming of our Blessed Hope, Jesus Christ.


Antioch School Classes beginning September 2013


Do you want to keep growing?  

Do you have key leaders you would like to develop for ministry?  

Please consider the following:


We will be offering four Antioch School classes this Fall beginning in September. These are available to everyone who would like to learn about ministry and the Word whether you are a degree student or not. The advanced classes do have pre-requisets. The cost is $90 which covers your materials, shipping, and fees. If you already have a book, the cost is $10.


The classes will meet weekly for 4 months via Webex which is an Internet based meeting.  You will need to have a computer with a webcam and high speed Internet.


You may register by calling the Regional office at (603) 332-1412. The deadline for registering is August 23, by 12 noon.


Below you will find a list of courses, facilitators and the times they are being offered. All times are Eastern standard. For a description of the courses, please follow this link.


Please contact Superintendent Twitchell if you have any Questions about Antioch School or these offerings. 

Class Schedule

Acts   Thursdays 6-7:30   Merle Beal


Essentials of Sound Doctrine 

Tuesdays 3-4:30   David Patterson

Habits of the Heart 

Wednesdays 3:30-5  Greg Twitchell

Interpreting the Word 1 

TBA  Heath Keniston 


Antioch Logo

Women's Retreat - September 20-22, 2013
Legacy - God Is On Your Side

There is an old song by David Allen Clark and Mark Harris that goes like this, "When I am gone, what will they say when I am gone? Will I leave behind a witness that will carry on? When all the works and deeds that I have done simply fade into the past, Lord let my fire burn steadfast....when I am gone?" This year we are going to talk about our legacies by looking at some people in the Bible and the things that we remember about them. What is your legacy? We are going to talk about our investment in the lives of others, our own legacies and how we want to be known. Don't miss this time of going "deeper still". Sharon will be speaking on Saturday morning (both sessions) and again on Saturday evening.

Sharon VanAmburg McLaughlin

Returning Guest Speaker - Sharon VanAmburg McLaughlin

Friday night: singing, sharing & ice cream!


Saturday: prayer and friendship circles, 3 teaching sessions with Sharon McLaughlin and free time


Sunday: personal reflection time and sharing, praise and worship with Becky Nicoll wrapping it all up.


Lots of activities for free time! Games, crafts (you must sign up on reg. form), hiking, shopping, napping, a visit to the prayer altar and more.


Download the Brochure and Registration Form

Deep Preaching Conference

Deep Preaching

Details coming soon!  Mark your calendar!



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