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May 2013

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Eastern Regional Association

A Growing Network of Healthy Churches                                                         May, 2013


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Church Spotlight - William Miller Chapel

Annual Women's Connection Conference

Pastor's Oasis Cottage

2013 ERA Convention

Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit

2013 Summer Camp & Campmeeting Schedule

From the "Super"

7 Important Policies

2013 Pennsylvania Bus Trip

Musings by Clayton Blackstone

Adventual Librarty

Graduating this year

Deep Preaching Conference

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Church Spotlight - William Miller Chapel, Low Hampton, NY

William Miller Chapel

The 22nd Annual Adventist Heritage Service will be held at the William Miller Chapel in Low Hampton, NY on June 23, 2013.  The service will begin at 4 p.m.  This year's featured speaker will be the Rev. Steve Ludwick, pastor of Family Bible Church in Loudon, NH, and President of the Eastern Regional Association.  Mr. Wes Ross will be assisting with music.  For additional information or directions to the chapel, contact Rev. Floyd McIntyre at (802) 886-2833 or email at



Annual Women's Connection Conference - June 15, 2013

Rebecca NicollPlease mark your calendars for Saturday June 15, 2013.  This is a brand new type of Conference for the ladies of the Eastern Region.



Conference Annual Meetings: will now be held in one location, once a year.


We will start off in the chapel with speakers, music and vision.


In the afternoon, each Conference will break off into a separate conference area with the President of their Conference and conduct their own Annual Meeting!  We will then gather together to close our day. We will be meeting at Alton Bay Conference Center.


This is a one day event from 9AM to 3:30 PM  We believe that this is going to actually help us to connect as Conferences and to eliminate all the different meetings throughout the year and bring them under one date.  Therefore, you can mark your calendars now so that you are able to join in with us!


Rooms are available to those who will need to arrive on Friday evening.


This is a huge different concept and I pray that you keep an open mind, see the vision


The WHFMS/Women's Ministry Board has for this plan, and support it! 


Click here for a brochure



Click here for a Registration Form


Pastor's Oasis Cottage

Alton Bay Christian Conference Center is offering to our active pastors a one week stay at a cottage on the Conference Center grounds.  This is on a first-come, first-reserved basis, beginning in May through Labor Day.  The week stay begins at noon on Saturday through the following Saturday morning.  For more information, please contact the Eastern Regional Office first either by phone (603) 332-1412 or email. 


2013 ERA Convention



2013 Eastern Regional Convention

October 25-27

at the Wyndham

Boston/Andover Hotel

Andover, MA


"The Way of Christ

& The Apostles" 



Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit


We're convinced that leadership is critical to church vitality. A church's effectiveness in pursuing its God-given mission is largely dependent on the character, devotion and skill of its leadership core-which can be formal or informal, staff or volunteer, clergy or laity.

The influence and impact of the church is felt most fully when Christ-centered leaders are at the forefront of establishing and growing well-led local churches and organizations...key reasons why The Global Leadership Summit exists.

The church is at its best, as God's love and care inevitably spills out into our neighborhoods, towns and cities through acts of love, justice, mercy, service and restoration. 


This will be simulcast at Bethany Church, Rye, NH.


Please contact the Eastern Regional Office if you are interested in attending.




Welcome to the May edition of the Eastern Regional Newsletter.  If you have an event or news article about your church or pastor that you would like included, please contact Carolyn Schaeffner at the Regional Office at (603) 332-1412 or by email


Happy Reading!

ERA Green logo



Eastern Region Summer Camp & Campmeeting Schedule






Beebe Campground

19 Pine Street

Beebe Quebec, Canada JOB 3E5

(819) 876-2689

Family Camp - June 30 - July 7

Evangelist - Pastor Mark Bickford

Bible Teacher - Rev. Ken Perkins

Music Leader - Jeffrey Bickford


Lakeside AC Campground

100 Campground Road, Belgrade, ME 

Family Camp                       July 28 - August 4

Young Peoples Institute        July 28 - August 4

Senior Camp                        July 12 - July 20         Ages 13-18

Intermediate Camp               July 21 - July 27          Ages 8-12

Junior Camp                        July 21 - July 27          Ages 8-12

Vacation Bible School          July 29 - August 2       Ages 4-12

For more information: Contact: David Davis; Phone: 207-348-2620


Mechanic Falls

Post Office Box 145

Mechanic Falls, ME

Camp Macc         July 7 - 13           Ages 13-18         

Junior Camp        July 14 - 20          Ages 8-12                            

Senior Camp       July 21 - 27          Ages 13-18                          

Family Week       July 21 - 28                                          

                          Bible Teacher     Mark Bickford                     

                          Evangelist          Greg Twitchell 

For more information:Contact Bernice Allen; Phone: 207-345-9735


Camp Washington

20 Dorman Road

Washington, ME 

Junior Camp       July 28 - August 3             Ages 8-12           

Teen Camp         August 4 - August 10       Ages 13-18                

Family Camp      August 3 - August 11                                       

                         Evangelist          John Tate                            

                         Bible Teacher     Barry Tate                           

For more information contact: Greg Twitchell; Phone: (207)-576-9793


Camp Nomacca

RR2, Parsons Road

Presque Isle, ME

Summer 2013 TBA          


Big Lake

West Street

Princeton, ME

Youth Camp       July 21 - 27          Ages 8-18           

Family Week      July 21 - 28

Worship Services: TBA

Sunday Morning and Evening Services

Adult Bible Study daily at 10AM

Free Daily Vacation Bible School will be held each day for ages 4 to 7 from 9AM to 11AM

Evangelist: TBA

Bible Teacher:  TBA

Youth Director:  TBA

Music:  TBA

For more information Contact: Noelle Carle; Phone: 207-796-2945


Tremont AC Campmeeting Association - Camp Marion

Post Office Box 522

Marion, MA

Junior Camp 1    Ages 8-11            July 7-12                               

Junior Camp       Ages 10-14          July 14-19                            

Family Camp      All ages              July 21-28           

Senior Camp      Ages 12-17          July 28-August 2              

Drama Cap          Ages 12-17         August 4-17                        


Special Events                                                   

July 13 at 5:30 p.m.          Chicken Barbeque Evening

with concert at 7 p.m. with Four Men For Christ

Tickets available through Camp Office   

August 17 at 5:30 p.m.   International Buffet Pot Luck Supper       

August 24 at 8:00 p.m.   Concert  The Campbells                     August 31 at 7:00 p.m.   Old Fashioned Hymn Sing

Sunday Mornings from July 7 through September 1 - Morning worship service at 9 a.m.  with Coffee Fellowship at private cottages as announced weekly.


There may be some additional Saturday night programs added later.  For more information contact:  Pauline Faulkner at


Camp Faithful

891 Queen Street

Southington, CT

Junior Youth Camp     July 21-27           Entering Grades 4-8

Senior Youth Camp    July 28 - Aug 3    Entering Grades 8-12

Family Camp             July 27 - Aug 4    All Ages

For more information contact:  Kimberly Malinowski; Phone: (860) 335-4629


Bethel Camp

(Green Mountain Bible Conference Center)

110 Campbrook Road, Bethel, VT  05032

Family Camp  -                June 29 - July 6  

Evening Speaker              Rev. Ray Martin

Adult Bible Study             Rev. Chris Poluikis                            

Young Adult Bible Study   Jim Kenny                           

DVBS    Children in grades 1-6                    

Camp begins      Sat, June 29   Registration begins at 1 p.m. 

Camp closes      Sat, July 6 1 p.m.   Communion Service             

For more information contact:  Beth Perry  (802) 247-3451.  Email:


Harbinger Bible Conference

378 Mountain Road

Dalton, NH

Select one of the following links for more information:

Family Camp      May 16 - 19         All Ages 

Speaker Dr. Bruce Fletcher,  

Bible Study Teacher Rev. Irvin Verrill, 

Children's Study Shannon Wotton

Youth Study Brad & Pam Bowden

Family Camp      July 25 - 28          All Ages

Family Camp      Sept. 26 - 29       All Ages

Contact: Jeff Gilman (207) 438-9024

Phone: 207-438-9024      


Alton Bay Christian Conference Center

Route 11

Alton Bay, NH

For more information contact: Lori Kline; Phone: (603) 875-6161




From the "Super"

Super Header"One generation will commend you works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts.  They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty, and I will meditate on your wonderful works."  -Psalm 145:4-5


I am so excited about all that God is doing in our Region this year! 

  • Progress is being made in building a Pastoral Health team
  • Our first Summer ministry team is going out in June for 9 weeks of ministry
  • People have been faithful in financially supporting the ministries of the Region
  • Two of our Revitalization churches are reporting great growth in recent months
  • The Church Plant is Princeton has been averaging 40 people and has seen a number of conversions and baptisms in its first year of existence
  • We have had a lot of good feedback on our training event with Gordon MacDonald
  • There are young people who are passionate about Jesus preparing for ministry
  • Stroudwater Christian Church has reported having its greatest season of short term missions ever
  • We have several people who are interested in planting churches in our Region
  • There is a good spirit of unity among the Conferences and Regional leadership
  • Several Antioch Courses are finishing up and more are planned for the Fall
  • We have great plans for the Regional Convention with 9 workshops and 3 key note speakers already lined up

 God is blessing in amazing ways.  Along with blessings there always seem to be challenges.  Please be praying about the following:

  • Pastor Nathan Gardner who will be having bone marrow surgery and is fightingGreg in Florida cancer
  • Simonds New Brunswick AC Church as they look for a Pastor
  • Churches experiences difficulties
  • Other leadership positions that need to be filled 
  • United Ministries and Penny Crusade giving
  • Issues going on in India among our AC ministries and leaders there 
  • For more people to drop their nets and fish for men.  We need more leaders, planters, and pastors!

There is so much to report that I felt I would just give you these bullet points of what is going on in the Region.  Thanks for being part of our association of churches and our family of families!


Grace,  Greg


7 Important Policies

The Maine State Conference invited a lawyer  to their meeting this year.  Not because they were fighting a legal battle, but because they wanted to help the Pastors be informed about legal issues regarding same sex marriage and other important legal issues.  The church has gone from being a place that was honored to having a great big target painted on its back.  Some see the church as an institution to be exploited for financial gain, while other see it as a hindrance to their preferred lifestyle.  Either way, the days of being naïve about legal issues are long gone.


The Conference is moving to adopt policy that will protect clergy and their churches, a policy that every church should consider adopting.  This document has been reviewed by legal counsel and would help to prevent legal action being taken against your church.


The Alliance Defending Freedom would also recommend adopting 6 other policies that will help protect the church from legal trouble.  While none of these are fail-safe, by adopting and following these policies it shows that the church has done due diligence in following the law.  The full list includes:

  1.      Formal membership Policy
  2.      Procedure for member discipline/membership revocation
  3.      Procedure for rescinding membership
  4.      Job descriptions and religious grounds for limiting employment opportunities
  5.      Statement of religious belief regarding marriage
  6.      Identify governing body that is the sole authoritative interpreter of scripture
  7.      Due diligence requirements for all volunteers and staff who work with children.

 You can read more about each of these at: 


You can download, edit and adopt a copy of the marriage Policy by going to:


I would strongly encourage all of our churches to revisit this issue and if you do not already have a well defined marriage policy, to consider adopting all or significant parts of this document.


 Greg Twitchell



2013 Pennsylvania Bus Trip

noah bus trip   We are so excited to present the 2013 Pennsylvania Bus Trip! Each year our group falls in love with the beauty of the Amish farmland, and the powerful re-enactment of the Bible at Sight and Sound Theater. This year we have added an extra day to the trip.  Instead of having just one day to tour the countryside, we will have two full days of sightseeing. We have added some great activities including a full hot breakfast each morning, a ride on the Strasburg Train, and some new restaurants. We think you will find this trip well worth the expense!

    Downloadable brochures and reservation forms are available on this page. Pastors, we have also included a downloadable bulletin insert. It is in full color, but if you set your printer to grayscale, you can make copies for your congregation and save on ink.  Thanks for passing on the word about this great trip. 

    PASTORS - for the first time, we are offering a 10% discount for each Pastor who registers! This discount is only for the Pastor and not for groups or family members.

    To register, fill out the registration form and send it along with your check made out to: Greg Twitchell, 32 Four Rod Rd. Rochester, NH 03867. Please contact us if you have any questions:603-332-0220, 

Download the brochure by clicking here.

Download the registration form by clicking here. 

Download the bulletin insert by clicking here. 



Musings by Clayton Blackstone - Just a Tractor

Clayton Blackstone"A merry going forth bringeth often a sad returning, and a merry evening maketh a sad morning."  -      Thomas a' Kempis


   I broke a man's tractor on Tuesday. Not a model tractor like the ones a toddler retrieves from my study on Sunday mornings, but the kind that evokes nostalgic memories of growing up on the Blackstone Homestead. The kind where pushing on a lever revs the engine to 2200 RPMs. The kind where pulling a knob engages the PTO. The kind with a three-point hitch and a bucket on the front. The kind I want but will never own.  

    I covet the delight children express at simple things. I watch a little boy's eyes light up when he sees donuts as he enters the church building or a seven-year old girl's as she twirls in her new dress. I listen to the excitement in their voices as they describe a new hiding place discovered at Grandma's house or a new game invented when Mom ordered them outside to play.

    Few things excite me like that. But on Monday, I was a kid in an adult body riding a tractor and salivating with delight as the bush hog chewed up and spit out tall grass and an occasional bush. I worked until dark and began soon after daylight on Tuesday. Adrenaline replaced caffeine as my preferred drug of choice.

    Mid-morning one side of the bush hog stayed down when it should have risen. I powered down the PTO, turned off the key and climbed from the tractor to inspect. The spring pin that once held the lift arm in place had fallen out. Worse - the detached arm had punctured a hole in the reservoir for hydraulic fluid housed in the rear axle. In an instant, my merry going forth brought a sad returning. Bad enough to break something of my own, worse to damage the possession of another.

    I fretted into the afternoon. A more seasoned operator would have noticed something amiss before the damage had been done. I had failed to maintain due diligence.

    Sometime during my assault on myself, the focus shifted from worry about the tractor to reflection about how quickly the giddiness of Monday spiraled into Tuesday's despair. About when my hunger for happiness had passed from childhood wonder to a grown-up's attraction to power, glitz and glamor. About what delights me these days.

   I was ruminating at the kitchen window when I saw two doe feasting on young grass accessible now that the bush hog had laid low the five-foot weeds that had hidden it. One looked in my direction as if it sensed a spy afoot. As they ate, I was a child again, watching deer as if for the first time.

   Then, like a Holy Spirit arrow shot at random - "As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God.  My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?" 1  

    "Blessed are the ears that catch the pulses of the Divine whisper," Thomas a' Kempis wrote.2 I listened as I watched.

    "Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me?"3  

    "I broke a man's tractor," I answered though he would say to me a day later, 'it's just a tractor. It can be fixed.'" Unlike the marriage of a friend, broken, it seems, beyond repair. Unlike the brain of a three year old who fell out a second story window. Unlike the soul of a once passionate follower of Jesus now disillusioned because of more heartache than he thought his share.

    The ears of the deer stood straight up. One nibbled while the other kept watch. As they moved closer to the stand of trees, the nibbler assumed the alert position as if familiar with a' Kempis's comment about blessed ears and divine whispers.

    "At this stage in your life, what brings you joy," a friend asked a few weeks back. On my good days I would like to answer "God." On my bad days, one thing I know for certain - it's not a tractor.


Clayton Blackstone


1 Psalm 42.1,2 NIV

2 Thomas a' Kempis. The Imitation of Christ. (New York: Grosset & Dunlap), 119.

3 Psalm 42.5,11 NIV



From the Files at the Berkshire Christian College Adventual Library


The above address is one that I have found useful for storing, sharing and adding to our information concerning the graves of our Adventist leaders.  It has long been an interest of mine to locate the graves, photograph the grave stones and record the information found upon them. The sharing portion is important as people discovering these records will often contact me for more information and/or provide information that the Adventual Library does not have.  In the following instance I was contacted for information on this Advent Christian minister, Elder Philander Nokes, as I had posted information on his son, the authori of his father's obituary, Elder Sylvester Nokes.  The family believed that his body had been returned to Arkansas to be buried by his first wife.  This obituary, which I was able to supply, indicates that he was indeed buried in Port Arthur Texas.  Through this exchange a photograph and more biographical material on Eld. Nokes and his family has surfaced.  Hopefully someone eventually may provide a photograph of the son and his grave stone in California.  One can see it all at findagrave.come 


NOKES.  At Port Arthur, Texas, Nov. 22, 1901, of congestion of the bowels, Eld. Philander Nokes, aged 63 years, 8 months and 28 days. My father was born in the state of New York, but early in life moved to Sangamon Co., Ill., and with his parents settled on a farm near Springfield, the State capital. In early manhood he married Miss Maria C. Wardwell, the ceremony being performed by our late Bro. D. S. Clark. About thirty years ago he was converted under the preaching of Eld. W. W. Cate, now of Rich Hill, Mo., who also baptized him in Middle River, Iowa. From his conversion father was a strong believer in the Adventist faith, and began to preach it soon after he became a Christian. He was always a great Bible student, and never failed to find time in which to speak a word for the Master. In the state of Arkansas, where he moved soon after his conversion, he organized several Advent Christian churches, and among his first converts were his own children, five in number. He was a strong believer in the "Home Altar," and although a very busy man, having a large farm and a blacksmith shop to run, besides his regular preaching, he always found time to have family worship both night and morning. From our conversion he encouraged us children to follow his example in calling upon God each night and morning in prayer. Those were happy days, never to be forgotten. Father and mother are now both sleeping, the latter having died some nine years ago, but, bless God, I expect to see them in the Kingdom, where sad partings will never come. Lord hasten that glad day! Some time after mother's death father married Mrs. L. P. Gleason, with whom he lived until his death. About two years ago they moved from Stuttgart, Ark., to Port Arthur, Tex., on account of his health, but he grew worse until the last. He leaves a widow, four children by his first wife, and also four step children. The funeral was conducted by the Rev. Mr. Murphy, pastor of the Congregational church of Port Arthur, Tex. He was buried at Port Arthur.

Sylvester D. Nokes


Our Hope

18 Dec 1901, p. 13.


Transcribed for the Adventual Library by Duane E. Crabtree




Graduating this year - Wishing you all a heart-felt congratulations!  Great work!

2013 Bics\ 















The 2013 Graduating class of the Berkshire Institute of Christian Studies.  Deanna Strickland,Jordan Rinaldi, Angela Whitman, Wesley Teague, Emily Faitsch, Claire Cheney, Tara Ramsdell, Taylor Poli,Ellen Degeneres, Haley Dubreuil, Hannah Burgett,Andrew Kofstad and Chase Mendoza.


Others graduating from ministry preparation schools. . .

            Jonathan Price - Gordon Conwell

            Dr. Glenn Rice - Gordon Conwell

            Mike Fernley - Kingswood University

            Jordan Towle - Kingswood University

            Danielle Ellis Towle - Kingswood University

            Christina McLaughlin - Lancaster Bible College

            Kelsee (McLaughlin) Perkins - Lancaster Bible College



One of our graduates is an Advent Christian career minister, Rev. Dr. Glenn M. Rice.  His degree is Doctor of Ministry from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, MA.  His thesis-project title is "Approaching the Midnight Hour: The Impending Pastoral Leadership Crisis in the Advent Christian General Conference of America."  The objective of this thesis-project is stated here in the Abstract: The Advent Christian General Conference of America is facing a pastoral leadership crisis. Threatened  Glenn and Cindy Riceon two fronts, this small denomination faces a severe shortage of pastors in the next decade due to the aging corps of pastors currently serving local Advent Christian churches on the one hand, and the loss of a key source for trained pastors, on the other.

    Set in the historical context of the Advent Christian denomination, this thesis-project uses two primary instruments to assess the potential for a crisis and to consider possible solutions to such a leadership crisis. These instruments include a denomination-wide questionnaire of pastors, and semi-structured interviews with a select group of individuals representing a sampling of denominational leaders, affiliated educational representatives, and newer Advent Christian pastors.

    The biblical foundation for calling to pastoral ministry is addressed, along with competence for ministry and training for pastoral ministry. A comparison of related literature on the subject of leadership development is presented. Recommendations for denominational leadership are also offered.

    This thesis-project is more than an attempt to identify a potential problem; it is also an attempt to address a perceived need as the hands of time wind down to their appointed end. It is an endeavor to generate dialogue on the subject of pastoral leadership for the Advent Christian General Conference of America as the clock approaches the midnight hour.


Some Facts:

--    D.Min program at GCTS was from 2010-13.

--    Earned the Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.) degree in 2006 from Liberty Theological Seminary.

--    Completed Master of Divinity equivalency at GCTS from 2007-2011.

--    1981 graduate of Berkshire Christian College with Bachelor of Arts in Theology.

--    Sr. Pastor of Oak Hill Bible Church since 1996 and will complete 17 years at the end of June.

--    Previous pastorates at Calvary Bible Church, Meredith, NH for 10 years, and Bangor Advent

      Christian Church, Bangor, ME for 5 years.

--    He and wife Cindy enjoy their four grandchildren and love spending time with them whenever




Deep Preaching Conference - November 12-14, 2013

Deep Preaching

We are thrilled to annouce the 2nd Pastoral Leadership Conference, "DEEP PREACHING" on Tue, November 12 through Thursday November 14, 2013 to be held at the Alton Bay Christian Conference Center.


Using his book, Dr. J. Kent Edwards  will be sharing topics like, "What is the 'Big Idea'? - how to find the main point of a biblical passage", "How to sleep Saturday night - how you can know if Sunday's sermon is going to work", "Understanding  God's Stories - how to interpret the stories of Scripture","

Deep Preaching - Why Preachers Need the Holy Spirit", and more.


Mark your calendars, and look for registration information to come soon!




Email Change


Effective June 1, 2013 we will no longer use our AOL emails for Greg Twitchell and Carolyn Schaeffner.


We will use the emails associated with the ERA website.


Please make this change in your contact list.


Greg -


Carolyn  -


Thanks for your help in getting the word out!




ERA Board of Directors

Rev. Steve Ludwick, President

Rev. Paul Carter, Vice President

Rev. Allen Latimore, Clerk

Mrs. Karen Emerson, Treasurer

Rev. Robert Fabian, President Heritage Conference

Rev. Nick Foss, President Maine State Conference

Mr. Mark Bickford, President Maranatha Conference

Rev. George Karl, President New Life Conference

Rev. George Middleton,  President New York Conference

Rev. Ken Perkins, President Nova Scotia Conference

Mr. Charlie Merrill ERA Representative to ACGC




The Eastern Regional Association Newsletter 

is published as a ministry of the Eastern Regional Association of the Advent Christian General Conference.


Rev. Gregory Twitchell, Superintendent


Miss Carolyn Schaeffner, Administrative Secretary







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