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April 2013

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A Growing Network 

of Healthy Churches 



Welcome to Eastern Regional Association



Welcome to the April issue of the Eastern Regional Association Newsletter.  We are providing the most up-to-date Summer Camp information to you in planning your summer.  Below are the Camps and Campmeetings located in the Eastern Region.


Beebe Campground

19 Pine Street

Beebe Quebec, Canada JOB 3E5

(819) 876-2689


Summer 2013 TBA          


Lakeside AC Campground

100 Campground Road, Belgrade, ME 


Family Camp                      July 28 - August 4

Young Peoples Institute   July 28 - August 4

Senior Camp                      July 12 - July 20        Ages 13-18

Intermediate Camp           July 21 - July 27        Ages 8-12

Junior Camp                      July 21 - July 27         Ages 8-12

Vacation Bible School       July 29 - August 2     Ages 4-12

For more information: Contact: David Davis; Phone: 207-348-2620


Mechanic Falls

Post Office Box 145

Mechanic Falls, ME


Camp Macc         July 7 - 13            Ages 13-18         

Junior Camp       July 14 - 20          Ages 8-12                            

Senior Camp      July 21 - 27          Ages 13-18                          

Family Week     July 21 - 28                                          


Bible Teacher    Mark Bickford                    

Evangelist           Greg Twitchell                  


For more information: Contact: Bernice Allen; Phone: 207-345-9735


Camp Washington

20 Dorman Road

Washington, ME 


Junior Camp       July 28 - August 3             Ages 8-12           

Teen Camp         August 4 - August 10       Ages 13-18                          

Family Camp      August 3 - August 11                                       

Evangelist           John Tate                            

Bible Teacher    Barry Tate                           


For more information contact: Greg Twitchell; Phone: (207)-576-9793


Camp Nomacca

RR2, Parsons Road

Presque Isle, ME


Summer 2013 TBA          


Big Lake

West Street

Princeton, ME


Youth Camp       July 21 - 27          Ages 8-18           

Family Week     July 21 - 28                                                               

Worship Services: TBA

Sunday Morning and Evening Services

Adult Bible Study daily at 10AM

Free Daily Vacation Bible School will be held each day for ages 4 to 7 from 9AM to 11AM


Evangelist:  TBA

Bible Teacher:  TBA

Youth Director:  TBA

Music:  TBA


For more information Contact: Noelle Carle; Phone: 207-796-2945


Tremont AC Campmeeting Association

Post Office Box 522

Marion, MA


Junior Camp 1   Ages 8-11            July 7-12                              

Junior Camp       Ages 10-14          July 14-19                            

Family Camp      All ages                July 21-28           

Senior Camp      Ages 12-17          July 28-August 2              

Drama Cap          Ages 12-17          August 4-17                        


Special Events                                                   

July 13 at 5:30 p.m.          Chicken Barbeque Evening

with concert at 7 p.m. with Four Men For Christ

Tickets available through Camp Office 


August 17 at 5:30 p.m.   International Buffet Pot Luck Supper                                     

August 24 at 8:00 p.m.   Concert  The Campbells                                

August 31 at 7:00 p.m.   Old Fashioned Hymn Sing                                           


Sunday Mornings from July 7 through September 1 - Morning worship service at 9 a.m.  with Coffee Fellowship at private cottages as announced weekly.



 There may be some additional Saturday night programs added later.   

For more information contact:  Pauline Faulkner at



Camp Faithful

891 Queen Street

Southington, CT


Junior Youth Camp    July 21-27          Entering Grades 4-8

Senior Youth Camp   July 28 - Aug 3   Entering Grades 8-12

Family Camp               July 27 - Aug 4   All Ages


For more information contact:  Kimberly Malinowski; Phone: (860) 335-4629


Bethel Camp

(Green Mountain Bible Conference Center)

241 Van Cortland Road

Brandon, VT


Family Camp                    June 29 - July 6 

Evening Speaker              Rev. Ray Martin

Adult Bible Study               Rev. Chris Poluikis                          

Young Adult Bible Study  Jim Kenny                           

 DVBS    Children in grades 1-6                   

Camp begins Saturday, June 29, Registration begins at 1 p.m.                      

Camp closes, Saturday, July 6, 1 p.m. Communion Service                         

For more information contact:  Beth Perry  (802) 247-3451.  Email:


Harbinger Bible Conference

378 Mountain Road

Dalton, NH


Select one of the following links for more information:

Family Camp      May 16 - 19         All Ages

Family Camp      July 25 - 28          All Ages

Family Camp      Sept. 26 - 29       All Ages


Contact: Jeff Gilman



Phone: 207-438-9024      E-Mail

For more information contact: Jeff Gilman; Phone: 207-438-9024


Alton Bay Christian Conference Center

Route 11

Alton Bay, NH




 For more information contact: Lori Kline; Phone: (603) 875-6161



Church Spotlight  

Torrington Advent Christian Church, Torrington, CT

The Advent Christian Church of Torrington has a very rich and full heritage that we are proud of.  Our roots can be traced back to the very beginnings of the Advent Christian Church as a group of "advent" believers began meeting in the Torrington area as early as the 1860s.  On April 26, 1886 the church was officially organized as the Advent Christian Church of Torrington with 7 members.  In 1889 the first church building at 59 Barber Street was completed and dedicated to the worship of God.

torrington old

Old Torrington Advent Christian Church 

As we look back at our history one word comes to mind: "faithful."  First and foremost is God's faithfulness.  There is no other way to describe how a church began with 7 people can still be preaching God's Word  and doing His work in Torrington over 125 years later.  Only God can do something like that.  It also takes His people relying on Him and following His leading.  We are so thankful for the faithfulness of those who have come before us.  We know that God has blessed their faithfulness.


In 1932-33 there were 23 people baptized.  Also in 1933 the church voted to become a tithing church.  We don't feel it is any coincidence that the church grew and prospered from that point on.  Finally in 1961 the Lord led us to our present property on 217 New Harwinton Road.  In 1972 the church began a building program with $952.42.  Once again God proved faithful as our present sanctuary was built and on our 100th anniversary we were able to have a special mortgage burning celebration.


We are so thankful for those who came before us.  We are thankful for the sacrifice, faithfulness and reliance on God.  We are thankful for the many, many godly men who have preached God's Word from our pulpit.


As thankful as we are for our past we know that we can't rely on it any longer.  Now it is our turn to be faithful to do what God has called us to do.  We believe that is to share the love and message of Jesus.

torrington new

New Torrington Advent Christian Church 

 Today we continue to preach God's Word.  We are fortunate enough to have our services broadcast on a local cable station.  We continue to try to be a light in our community as we share God's love by supporting many local charities, open our church to many local groups and simply strive to love the lost.


Rev. Allen Latimore and his wife Cathy and family have been with us since 2004.  Together we are relying on God as we make prayer a major part of all we do.  We recognize that without Him we are nothing.  Together we also continue to build two important relationships: with God and with each other.  We really are a church family who loves and supports each other.


If it is the Lord's will and we are here for another 125 years we want those who come after us to be able to say we were faithful to God's call upon our lives.  If Jesus returns before then we want to be found doing what He has called us to do.

Pastor Allen's email:

Church website:


cathy and allen latimore

Rev Allen and Cathy Latimore




Berkshire Institute

of Christian Studies 

At the Berkshire Institute for Christian Studies, the Class of 2013 has returned from its studies in Israel and is busily preparing for the end of the school year and commencement exercises.  There are several papers left to write, a number of projects to complete, four Ministry Team tour dates left to travel to, and a host of other opportunities remain for our young men and women to make the most of.  All the excitement is tempered just a bit with the gathering realization that this wonderful adventure is almost over and this unique family that God has brought together is about to part ways.  We are so thankful for the wonderful work that God has done in the hearts, minds, and lives of this year's class - it's been a great year!  If you'd like to join us in a service of celebration for this year at BICS, the service of commencement will be held at Hope Church in Lenox, Massachusetts on Saturday May 18th at 10 o'clock in the morning with a brunch to follow.  The commencement speaker will be Mike Hencher, author and evangelist from Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.  If you are planning on attending, please contact the BICS office at (413) 637-4673 and let us know how many to expect.  We'd love to have you!


BIC Clawss of 2013\ 




The Super HeaderColumn

Its hard to believe that there is still snow in our driveway, but it is true!  The last remnants of snowy winter are still hanging on.  Meanwhile, I am preparing for a busy summer of ministry among our Churches and Camps.  Our first Summer Ministry Team is in place with Laurel Pytko (Oakhill), Taylor Poli (Friendship), and Forrest Grant (Windham) , and Devin Weems (Central Region), all planning on being part of the team that will spend 9 weeks of the summer ministering in camps and churches.  We still have a couple of weeks to work out, but they are planning on doing ministry at Camp Washington, Camp MACC, Westfield Advent Christian Church, and CrossRoads Church in Ossipee.  Please be praying for them as they prepare for this great learning experience!


We are excited to present the 2013 Pennsylvania Bus  Trip.  Last year we had 92 folks from a number of churches across New England join us on two Coach Busses to travel to Lancaster, PA to visit the Amish Country, and go to Sight and Sound Theater.  This year we will make this a four day trip and take some extra time to sight see.  This years show is "NOAH" and it is spectacular!  Please read more about it and plan to join us, this September, on this highlight of the year trip!  Read more link

ERA Leadership RetreatWe had a great turn out for our first Regional Training Event, Building Below the Waterline with Gordon MacDonald.  Pastor MacDonald shared his heart and ministry with us and really challenged the group to think of their second half of life as the best, and that we need to take care of our bodies and souls to make this happen.  42 People attended and everyone responded very positively.  Please mark your calendars as we are preparing to bring a Preaching Conference to Alton Bay, November 12-14.  More details will be coming soon.


ACGC and the Eastern Region are supported by tithes given by local AC churches.  Just as each Church is funded by tithes from the families who attend.  The first quarter is traditionally a difficult time of year.  Please keep us in prayer as we seek to bring valuable ministry and resources to our Pastors, Churches, and future leaders.








ACGC Strategic Plan - Part 3


The final article in this series is about CHURCH PLANTING.  I praise God that so many of us are finally realizing that without investing in new works, we will not have a future as a network of churches!  I believe that Planting is absolutely necessary for the health and vitality of our Association of Churches.  I also believe that it is Biblical!  I just completed my fourth tour of duty through the Antioch School Course known as ACTS.  This course helps us to understand that the Great Commission that Jesus gave to his disciples was not only a personal mandate but a corporate one.   That his intention was that the followers of Christ corporately would proclaim the gospel, make disciples, raise up other leaders, and engage in ministry across the face of the earth (missions). 


This idea is picked up in the book of Acts as Paul begins bringing the gospel to the Gentiles, and we see him establish a pattern of:

1.Commissioning missionaries  Acts 13:1-4; 15:39-40

2.Contacting Audiences            Acts 13:14-16; 14:1

3.Communicating the Gospel     Acts 13:17-41; 16:31

4.Seeing hearers Converted       Acts 13:48; 16:14-1

5.Believers Congregated            Acts 13:43

6.Having their Faith Confirmed    Acts 14:21-22; 15:41

7.Leadership Consecrated         Acts 14:23

8.Believers Commended            Acts 14:23; 16:40

9.Relationships Continued         Acts 15:36; 18:23

10.Sending Churches Convened   Acts 14:26-27; 15:1-4


I believe that we need to keep this normative model before us as we raise up leaders in our churches, evaluate how we presently do ministry, and as we consider planting churches in the 21st Century.


In the days to come, I would like to challenge our stronger churches to think about multiplying their churches instead of just growing them.  To spend more time fulfilling Ephesians 4 in developing leaders who will do the work of ministry instead of doing it themselves.  And to have the mindset that we are going to be a church that raises up people to send them out and establish new works in neighboring communities.  Pastoring a "mega-church" was once every pastors dream.  But after seeing how this model has kept the leadership in the hands of the few, and has not advanced the kingdom like some thought it would, I hope that we can re-think this approach and dream of being leaders of networks of churches that have been established out of the mother church.


This is my understanding of what Paul did and how we need to pattern ourselves in this age at the end of time.  If you would like to learn more about this model, I invite you to dialog with me further or take the Antioch Course ACTS and learn for yourself about God's plan for the church.  The following is the Strategic Plan that was developed by the leaders of our denomination who are hoping to cast a vision for our churches.  It is the role of the Conferences and Regions to come alongside the local church to support them as they carry this out in their own way.


Part 3 of our Denominations Strategic Plan states:



A. Provide the criteria to determine (assess) church/conference health

1. Develop the tools and mechanism for delivery to the local church and conference in the areas of strategic planning

2. Provide leadership resources addressing church administration   and financial management

3. Develop a team of consultants that can help a church in areas such as church administration,  Christian education, body life, strategic planning


B. Assist, guide and resource the planting of seven new churches in North America in the next three years 

1.Through partnerships with local churches, conferences and regions, identify potential planting sights 

a) At least two of the new plants are to be in urban centers 

b) Promote the expansion of the Agape House Church network 

2. Identify church planters using Leadership Development criteria 

a) Introduce potential and proven church planters to conferences, seminars, and workshops on church planting 

b)Provide internships for potential church planters in the context of healthy church planting ministries 

c)Introduce potential and proven church planters to our successful international church planting models 

3.The multiplication concept is to be instilled in the planting process - within the minds of the planter and the people






ERA Board of Directors

Rev. Steve Ludwick, President

Rev. Paul Carter, Vice President

Rev. Allen Latimore, Clerk

Mrs. Karen Emerson, Treasurer

Rev. Robert Fabian, President

   Heritage Conference

Rev. Nick Foss, President

   Maine State Conference

Mr. Mark Bickford, President

   Maranatha Conference

Rev. George Karl, Rep.

   New Life Conference

Rev. George Middleton,  President New York Conference

Rev. Ken Perkins, President

   Nova Scotia Conference

Mr. Charlie Merrill

   ERA Representative to ACGC

April 2013 




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ACGC Strategic Plan - Part 3

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Berkshire Christian College Adventual Library


Berkshire Christian College's Adventual Library at the Center for Advent Christian Studies, Goddard Library

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

South Hamilton, Massachusetts


The Adventual Library was established at the New England School of Theology, Brookline, MA. The School and the Adventual Library relocated to Lenox, MA in 1958. With the name change of the College in the fall of 1958, the Adventual Library became a part of the Linden J. Carter Library of Berkshire Christian College.


At the closing of the Lenox campus in 1987 arrangements were made with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary to place the holdings of the Adventual Library on the South Hamilton campus on the fourth floor of the Kerr Administration Building. Dr. David A. Dean with some volunteer help physically set up the room. There it remained until February of 2005 when, under the direction of Dr. Freeman Barton, the collection was moved into a basement room of the Goddard Library.


The room is a 12 feet by 44 feet, windowless, well-lighted facility with almost twice the space of the former room. There are two workstations, one with a pc with internet access. The collection consists of a core collection of Millerite/Adventist periodicals; a collection of prophetic charts; a book library of 2,500+ volumes pertaining to all phases of the Advent movement and its particular doctrines: the Second Advent, Conditional Immortality, the intermediate state, etc.; six legal size file cabinets containing material on all phases of the Adventist movement as well as an extensive collection of biographical material; a card catalog index of the World's Crisis/Advent Christian Witness, which continues in electronic format. On loan, we have an every name index of A.C. Johnson's Advent Christian history plus extensive indices of World's Crisis and other Adventist materials with an illustration index as well. The Collection includes the records of many Advent Christian churches and institutions as well as the Berkshire Christian College archives. Since the opening of the Library in South Hamilton in 1991, several thousand volumes have been cataloged and added.


The current staff consists of Mr. Duane E. Crabtree, Volunteer Curator of the Adventual Library; with the assistance of the Rev. William A. Flewelling and Mr. Stanley Flewelling. Dr. Gordon L. Isaac is the Berkshire Assistant Professor of Advent Christian Studies.


Library Hours:

Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. with permission of a Librarian.


The Collection is generally staffed by the Curator on Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Please write, email or call in advance to ensure access to and assistance with the Collection.


Please remember the Adventual Library when you are looking for a new home for any Adventist related material of all sorts.


Should you wish to be notified of the times when the Collection is staffed by Advent Christians please send an email to Duane Crabtree at or .






2013 Eastern Regional Convention

October 25-27

at the Wyndham

Boston/Andover Hotel

Andover, MA


"The Way of Christ

& The Apostles" 






2013 Convention Workshops on ERA You-Tube 

As you might remember, Josh Duncan of Lion Tracks Ministries video recorded our 8 workshops from the 2013 Convention.  These are now available on




Antioch School Antioch Banner

We are pleased to bring you the opportunity to take a couple of Antioch School Courses this summer (May - Sept) right from your own home or office.  This is open to anyone who wants to learn and grow in their faith and understanding of the purpose of the church.  Register now by calling the Regional Office at 603-332-1412 so we can order you a book for the course.  The cost of the course is $90 which covers you book, shipping, and web-ex fees.  The courses we are offering this summer are:


ACTS - The Keys to the Establishment and Expansion of the First Century Church.  This course is being moderated by Missie Twitchell and is primarily for women in ministry.


ESSENTIALS - Understanding the Essentials of Sound Doctrine.  This course helps you to know what to believe and why you believe.  It will be moderated by Pastor Greg Moody on Tuesdays from 7-8:30 PM. 


Please note that you will need a computer with a webcam and high-speed internet access to utilize the web-ex meetings.  Find out more by clicking here 





Clayton Blackstone

Hopefully Green

"Let me be taught that the first great business on earth is the sanctification of my own soul."

- Henry Martyn


A tree outside the study window caught my eye. In summer, it stood lush and green. Unremarkable as trees go. Undistinguished from the others that border the church lawn.

In the fall, its leaves turned yellow. Or red? Maybe rust? I never noticed.

But for some reason the sight of its limbs stretching towards heaven "naked and unashamed," to borrow a line from the Genesis author, arrested my attention.1 The sight provoked a memory of a favorite children's story.

"The Skin Horse had lived longer in the nursery than any of the others. He was so

old that his brown coat was bald in patches and showed the seams underneath, and most of the hairs in his tail had been pulled out to string bead necklaces. He was wise, for he had seen a long succession of mechanical toys arrive to boast and swagger, and by-­-and-­-by break their mainsprings and pass away, and he knew that they were only toys, and would never turn into anything else. For nursery magic is very strange and wonderful, and only those playthings that are old and wise and experienced like the Skin Horse understand all about it.

"'What is Real?' asked the Rabbit one day, when they were lying side by side near

the nursery fender, before Nana came to tidy the room. "Does it mean having things buzz inside you and a stick-­-out handle?'

"'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's the thing that happens to

you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but really loves you, then you become Real.'

"'Does it hurt?' asked the Rabbit.

"'Sometimes,' said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. 'When you are Real, you don't mind being hurt.'

"'Does it happen all at once, like being wound up,' he asked, 'or bit by bit?'

"'It doesn't happen all at once,' said the Skin Horse. 'You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't happen to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand.'"2

Skin Horse and the tree reflect my melancholy assessment of the season of life I

find myself in. The tree's glory lies at its base. Skin Horse appears shabby and loose in the joints. And me - the doctor's nurse stuck me with a syringe filled with Shingles vaccine. Shingles. A condition that comes like a plague upon people well beyond my age or so I thought.

I miss the passion of my youth. Like others in my generation, I believed we

would change the world. We did but not in ways we imagined then.

I miss the energy that fueled sixty-­-five hour workweeks, Saturdays at youth soccer and evenings at school functions. These days I fall asleep during the evening news.


And I miss eight hours of REM sleep, a body that doesn't ache and a brain that can retain its focus for longer than thirty minutes.

On the morning I noticed the barren tree, the Sovereign One

"...filled my ears with the sounds of promise.

Good people will prosper like palm trees,

Grow tall like Lebanon cedars transplanted to GOD'S courtyard.

They'll grow tall in the presence of God,

lithe and green, virile still in old age."3

A strange juxtaposition to be sure. The Master of the Universe promises suppleness, gracefulness, greenness, strength and energy of his own sort to the righteous even in their old age.

The invocation for the discipline of morning silence - a barren tree and the fear

it served as a metaphor for my remaining years. The benediction - the opening line of the Psalm for the Sabbath Day - "It is good to praise the LORD and make music to your name, O Most High..."3

Unexpected the change of perspective a providentially placed psalm can bring.

Clayton Blackstone


Genesis 2.25

Margery Williams. The Velveteen Rabbit. (New York: Doubleday, 1958), 16-­-17. 

3 The Psalm for Sabbath Day - Psalm 92




Oasis Cottage cottage

Alton Bay Christian Conference Center is offering to our active pastors a one week stay at a cottage on the Conference Center grounds.  This is on a first-come, first-reserved basis, beginning in May through Labor Day.  The week stay begins at noon on Saturday through the following Saturday morning.  For more information, please contact the Eastern Regional Office first either by phone (603) 332-1412 or email.




Save the Date - June 15, 2013 


(formally Mission's Conference)


Rebecca NicollPlease mark your calendars for Saturday June 15, 2013.  This is a brand new type of Conference for the ladies of the Eastern Region.



Conference Annual Meetings: will now be held in one location, once a year.


We will start off in the chapel with speakers, music and vision.


In the afternoon, each Conference will break off into a separate conference area with the President of their Conference and conduct their own Annual Meeting!  We will then gather together to close our day. We will be meeting at Alton Bay Conference Center.


This is a one day event from 9AM to 3:30 PM

We believe that this is going to actually help us to connect as Conferences and to eliminate all the different meetings throughout the year and bring them under one date.  Therefore, you can mark your calendars now so that you are able to join in with us!


Rooms are available to those who will need to arrive on Friday evening.


This is a huge different concept and I pray that you keep an open mind, see the vision


The WHFMS/Women's Ministry Board has for this plan, and support it! 


Registration forms will be coming to your Church soon.  Please be looking for it. 


Again as always Pastors, I very much appreciate your support in encouraging your ladies to attend!


Look for it coming on Face book with announcements as things develop and the planning takes shape!

Hope to see you there!


Becky Nicoll


Women's Ministry & WHFMS




Email Change


Effective June 1, 2013 we will no longer use our AOL emails for Greg Twitchell and Carolyn Schaeffner.


We will use the emails associated with the ERA website.


Please make this change in your contact list.






We will keep this reminder in the newsletter until June.


Thanks for your help in getting the word out!




Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit 


We're convinced that leadership is critical to church vitality. A church's effectiveness in pursuing its God-given mission is largely dependent on the character, devotion and skill of its leadership core-which can be formal or informal, staff or volunteer, clergy or laity.

The influence and impact of the church is felt most fully when Christ-centered leaders are at the forefront of establishing and growing well-led local churches and organizations...key reasons why The Global Leadership Summit exists.

The church is at its best, as God's love and care inevitably spills out into our neighborhoods, towns and cities through acts of love, justice, mercy, service and restoration. 


This will be simulcast at Bethany Church, Rye, NH.


Please contact the Eastern Regional Office if you are interested in attending.






A Pastor's Perspective

"I sometimes feel lonely and tired."


Most of the pastors I know give generously of their love, time, and resources. I'm not much different. I love the people I serve. It is an honor to have been called by the Lord to bless and serve his precious family, his Bride. As amazing as it may seem, leadership amidst a group--large or small--of people can be lonely and tiring.


Leadership can be lonely, because often we must make decisions that are unpopular. No matter which way I choose, I will likely make someone unhappy. That's why it's so important that I hear from the Lord--get His perspective and try to confirm that in the mouths of two or three witnesses. I try to make important decisions in light of love, the best option for the most spiritual growth and the most fair approach given the information on hand. Then I make the best, most biblically and ethically informed decisions of which I'm capable. Once the decision is made, it helps when the congregation or persons involved embrace it willingly, if not wholeheartedly. Please pray for me in this area--that I would be empowered to make good and effective decisions, being led by the Holy Spirit in conjunction with good input from other leaders. Also pray for the sense of lonliness that sometimes comes of my concern for the congregation and my many responsibilities within and without the church and in my family.


The wide and heavy demands of ministry easily tire even the young and strong. Though I depend upon the strength that the Lord gives, I can fall short of taking the time I need to rest or be refreshed. The best help you could be would be to ask me if I'm setting aside time to get away from the press of ministry. Pray for me and my family--that we would get the rest and refreshment we need. Please don't be offended if my home is not open every day to every person. We need quiet, peace, and renewal--a secure space--which the Lord brings as we get apart with him. I also need to put those times into my schedule. My advocates have permission to ask me if I'm making enough space for downtime. So do all those who love me as I serve them. I appreciate how they lead the way in granting me, even encouraging me to get time away . . . Often. It makes me more effective and energetic when I'm back in the flow of ministry to each of you.


Thanks for your understanding. That makes the loneliness and drain of long-term ministry easier to bear.



I hope the fictional dialog above helps you always to be a blessing to your pastor(s). Every blessing,


Dave David Alves



London, H.B. & Wiseman, Neil B. Pastors at Greater Risk. Ventura, CA: Regal Books, 2003.


DISCLAIMER: This column deals with real pastoral issues, but through a fictional voice. The perspective may or may not be shared by your pastor, nor by Dr. Alves. Rather, the issues and realities are familiar to most pastors. It is simply written to give Advocates a window into pastoral ministry-- it's issues, challenges, joys, and struggles. Hopefully it makes you a better advocate and friend to your pastor.




Gordon Conwell Header

Ockenga Institute at Gordon Conwell

Greetings from the Ockenga Institute at Gordon-Conwell!


Technology is all around us and seems to affect almost every aspect of our lives. How is technology a gift and in what ways does it present challenges for the church? Spend two days this summer discussing The Promise and Challenge of Technology with today's most thoughtful and respected Christian minds on this topic.


What: Summer Conference 2013 - From the Garden to the Sanctuary: The Promise and Challenge of Technology

Who: John Dyer, Arthur Boers, Rosalind Picard, Albert Erisman and David W. Gill


When: June 6-7, 2013

Where: Hamilton Campus, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Cost (includes conference registration, handouts and meals): $80/early registration (before May 8); $60/spouse and groups; $30/students


Register today!


We look forward to seeing you,

David Horn, Director of the Harold John Ockenga Institute

(978)468-7111 | |





Portland Sea DogsPortland Sea Dogs

The Portland Sea Dogs will be hosting Faith & Family Day at the ballpark on Saturday, May 4th.  The day will feature a pre-game concert with Christian Musician Brandon Heath  at 11:45am, followed by the Sea Dogs game at 1:00pm.  Tickets range from $5-$10 and include both the concert and game.  We are also offering group rates for groups of 20 or more people. Group rates are $5 for GA $7 for reserved.


You can order individual tickets online by clicking here , or call the Sea Dogs Ticket Office at 879-9500.  To discuss our group ticket options, please contact the Group Sales office at 874-9300.


Thank you,


Jordan Place

Portland Sea Dogs






The Eastern Regional Association Newsletter 

is published as a ministry of the Eastern Regional Association of the Advent Christian General Conference.


Rev. Gregory Twitchell,



Miss Carolyn Schaeffner,

Administrative Secretary




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