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March 2013

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Welcome to Eastern Regional Association


Welcome to the March issue of the Eastern Regional Association Newsletter.  We begin this month by highlighting the Northern Lights Youth Choir.   

All Things are Possible Tour 2013

The choir is going to be on tour in the month of April and we wanted to post it for all to see what churches they will be at.  You won't want to miss one of these performances.  

NLYC Caribou 

The History of the Northern Lights Youth Choir

"Praise the Lord, all His heavenly hosts, you His servants who do His will. Praise the Lord, all His works everywhere in His dominion.  Praise the Lord, O my soul."  Hebrews 2:22

The Northern Lights Youth Choir was formed by a group of Christian teens in the greater Presque Isle area of Aroostook County, Maine, in January of 1974. Under the direction of Rev. Dave Ross, the choir presented a musical program each year through 1990. After a brief hiatus, in 1993 under the direction of Mr. Pat Moore, the Northern Lights Youth Choir resumed their music/drama ministry with God's leading. In 1997, the Choir came under and is currently under the direction of Mrs. Bonnee McLaughlin.

The Choir has made over 35 concert tours, traveling over 80,000 miles in over 400 concert presentations in churches, camps, high school assemblies and on college campuses from Northern Maine and the nearby Maritime Provinces of Canada to Texas, Wisconsin and Florida. Also, the Choir has participated in five television specials aired over WAGM Television in Presque Isle. Churches hosting and providing members in the past have included: Advent Christian, Baptist, Brethren, Catholic, Church of Christ, Congregational, Independent, Methodist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Reformed and Wesleyan. Well over 500 young people have been a part of this choir ministry over the years.

This year's tour is currently being booked. We conclude our year of ministry with a final concert at our host church, the State Road Advent Christian Church in Mapleton, Maine.

Northern Lights Youth Choir
All Things are Possible!
2013 Tour Itinerary

 Friday, April 12...Faith Evangelical Church, 7 p.m. Concert

200 Franklin St. Melrose, Ma 02176,c/o Pastor Andy Rice 



Saturday, April 13... Sheffield Chapel,  6 p.m. Concert

1970 North Main St. Sheffield, MA. 01257

c/o Pastor Corey McLaughlin  (978-994-0690 cell)


Sunday, April 14...Hope Church,  10:45 a.m. Concert

259 Kemble St., Lenox, MA 01240

c/o Rev. Pastor Wes Ross (413-637-2212 church)


Sunday, April 14 ...Blessed Hope AC Church, 5 p.m. Concert

1516 Summer Ave., Springfield, MA 01118

c/o Rev. Steve Baker (413-887-7197 cell)


Mon, April 15...Vernon Home, 10:30 a.m.

61 Greenway Drive, Vernon, VT  (802)254-6041


Mon, April 15...Furnace Brook Wesleyan Church, 6:30 pm Concert

67 Gecha Lane, Pittsford, VT

c/o Pastor Joel Tate (802-483-2531 office)


Tuesday, April 16... Oak Hill Bible Church,  7 p.m. Concert

42 Sacarrappa Rd. Oxford, MA 01540

c/o Rev. Glenn Rice (508-987-0287 office)


Wednesday, April 17...Highland Presbyterian Church, 7 p.m. Concert

500 East Roseville Rd., Lancaster, PA 17601

c/o Rev. Ted Mingle (717-569-2651)


Thursday, April 18...Faith Fellowship Church, 7 p.m. Concert

647 Douglas St., Uxbridge, MA 01569

c/o Rev. Gil Parmley (508-278-0300)


Fri, April 19...First Parish Congregational Church, 7:30 pm Concert

1 Church St. Wakefield, MA  01880

c/o Don Hodgkins (781-245-1539) Church


Sun, April 21... State Road Advent Christian Church, 6pm Concert

Mapleton, ME

c/o Rev. Greg Moody (201-764-1331)


For more information contact

Pastor George McLaughlin - Tour Coordinator

Northern Lights Youth Choir

1-207-551-4751 cell phone

email address -

Church Spotlight 

by Phil Reynard

Grace Advent Christian Church, Bridgton, ME
Grace Christian Church 

Grace Christian Church in Bridgton Maine is the result of the "80's" Church Planting efforts of the Eastern Region along with the Maine State Conference.  Services were first held on September 11, 1983 in what was then the South Bridgton Grange Hall at 11 Pinhook Road in the section of South Bridgton known as "Sandy Creek"

Grace Christian Church is a "family orientated" Church in the Lake Region of Maine. The Church was founded with the people of our Community in mind.  Personal needs are addressed while providing sound spiritual guidance for the entire person. It doesn't take long to feel a part of the Grace Christian Church family. 


As best as can be determined, the building was built by the Baptist church in about 1850 as a temporary house of worship while they built their main sanctuary across the street. The Baptist sanctuary has been torn down a long time ago but our building was passed on to the town as a one room school house and then to the South Bridgton Grange and now we  have turned it back into a house of worship... a place of worship.  Since the building was shared with many different groups, Pastor Phil and Faye remember many an early Sunday morning cleaning and scrubbing up after the Saturday night group just to make it presentable as a place of worship.


Our renovated historical meeting house connected to our contemporary fellowship hall provides the setting where people can have a family experience and fellowship with God.  Grace Christian Church is built on the principle that the the world is full of christians that have not become Christians yet.  It is better to win one person to the Lord than to entice ten Christians to become a part our church.


Pastor Phil is bi-vocational as well as the Chaplain for the Bridgton Fire and Police departments along with the Bridgton Hospital.  There is plenty of opportunity to share the Lord with the community.  Faye is retired from teaching school and is actively leading the Sunday school.  She also does all the footwork for the Fire Department's "Operation Christmas Angel" which gives toys to about 200 young people in Bridgton every Christmas.  Faye heads up the Pastors' Wives Retreat (April 12-13 this year ).  God has truly blessed this ministry.


Our most recent opportunity to minister appears to be  helping others grow their church family.  We have recently officially undertaken being a "sister church" to the Mechanic Falls AC Church.  We don't know everything that that will entail but we are excited at the possibilities.


This September we celebrate 30 years of ministry to the Bridgton community.  Please pray for us that our outreach will continue to be fruitful and found acceptable in the eyes of the Lord.  Check out our web site to see our new building and some of the things we are doing.

  Bridgton dedication

Pastor's Wives Retreat

April 12-14, 2013
Ramada Saco Inn
Saco, Maine

For the past 10 years the wives of pastors from all over New England have been gathering for a weekend of encouragement, rest and lots of chocolate.  "This is my favorite and most beneficial conference of the year."  "God was glorified and we enjoyed Him and each other!"  "It was restful, exciting and encouraging."


This year's theme is Spring Clean Up for the Heart and Soul.  We are pleased to have Sandy Flewelling as our key speaker.  Sandy has a longing to help women grow in a relationship with God that is marked by His grace, freedom and power.  Her talks are sure to be challenging, affirming and fun!

Sandy Flewelling

Sandy Flewelling
Guest Speaker


We would love to see you there this year!  To register or for more information please contact Faye Reynard at  The cost for the weekend is $200 and scholarships are available for anyone.


"Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me." Psalm 51:10

New Life Conference 
Report of Annual Meeting

  by Clerk, Deborah Reed


The 146th Annual Meeting of New Life Conference was held on Saturday, March 2nd at the Community Advent Christian Church in East Norwalk, Conn.  Rev. Robert Story was our host and he shared "music through the bible" with us during worship time. 


There were 35 present with a voting strength of 31. Voting in was Rev. George Karl, President, Rev. Robert Miller, Vice President,  Mr. Thomas Zikan, Treasurer, Rev. Bruce Burks, Ministerial Committee Chairman and Rev. Doug Foss, Member at Large. 

Reports from the 11 churches in the conference were shared.  


There was a report from Rev. Richard Russell of ACGC, Rev. John Tate of BICS, Mr. Larry Knowles of ACRC, and update on Camp Faithful and a report from Mr. Robert Shriver, delegate to the Eastern Regional Convention.  Mr. Merle Beal was introduced as the new pastor of the Westfield Church.  


Prayers were shared for the passing of 3 great ministers who faithfully served our conference, Rev. Charles Lampard, Rev. Dr. Oral Collins and Rev. Dr. Carl F. Ehle. 


The meeting adjourned and lunch and fellowship followed.

BICS Classroom moved!
BICS Galilee

The BICS class prepares to take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee


For the next two weeks, the Berkshire Institute for Christian Studies has moved its classroom from Lenox, Massachusetts to the Holy Land in Israel.  This year's class, led by Pastors Wes Ross and Michael Tuttle and guided by our long-time friend Andre Shama, are currently touring the places where much of God's recorded interaction with mankind took place.  These young people from places like Presque Isle, Maine; Seattle, Washington; Whitefield, New Hampshire; and Smoaks, South Carolina are able to hike to the headwaters of the Jordan River on the Lebanese border, see the fertile fields of the Jezreel Valley, ascend the rocky pathway to Jerusalem, and have a hundred other opportunities to experience the Bible in a way few are blessed to know.  The group has been busy studying God's word since the start of classes last August and the experience and instruction of the Bible Lands Seminar should be a capstone in their effort to gain Biblical understanding.  The Institute is grateful for the support of so many throughout the Eastern Region - please keep us in your prayers! 

BICS Mt. Carmel

Chase Mendoza (West Valley AC Church, Seattle, WA) stands on Mt. Carmel and reads the account of Elijah's victory over the prophets of Baal there.

BICS Capernaum

Claire Cheney (State Road Church) gives her site report at Capernaum.

The Super Header Column

This month I was able to take a vacation with my family in a warmer part of the Country.  Great times were had . . .


 . . . relationships strengthened . . . 

Twitchell vacation2 

. . . and wonderful memories were created!

Twitchel vacation1 

 I hope that you are enjoying the Newsletter as much as I am!  The pictures, articles and wealth of information are great to see.  I regularly get compliments from people as I travel around the Region about how much people enjoy the newsletter.  I tell them that I'm glad they enjoy it and that I can't take any credit, as Carolyn puts it all together and many people contribute to it.  Please forward it on to others in your church and family!



From the Historical Files . . .


The picture below surfaced because of our previous article regarding the "Hull Pulpit".  This was taken in 1953 and the pulpit was on a parade float with a lighthouse on the top of the truck cab, a life ring saying "Jesus Saves" and the pulpit from the hull of a boat.  


The side of the truck reads:

 "Sins of 1953 (being washed away in the waves)

Our message:

The BOOK, The BLOOD - The Blessed Hope

Advent Christian Church

28 Park Ave. Portland

Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Services 11:00 a.m. (and the other you cannot read)."


Pretty Cool - huh?

Hull Pulpit - Portland 1953 

Berkshire Christian College's Adventual Library at the Center for Advent Christian Studies

Goddard Library

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

130 Essex Street

South Hamilton, MA  01982


Remember The Adventual Library when you are looking for a new home for all types of Adventual related materials.


We are here to serve you.  How may we help?


Duane E. Crabtree, Volunteer Curator

255 Washington St.

Arlington, MA 02474-1501

781-646-5288 (house)

781-646-5288 (fax)

617-417-9339 (cell)


ACGC Strategic Plan - Part 2 

Leadership Development 


How many of our churches take leadership development seriously?  For those who do offer some type of Leadership Development beyond Sunday worship and Sunday School, how important is it?  Matthew Keller of Next Level Church in Ft. Myers, Florida said, "We don't think of leadership development as one of the things we do.  It is the most important thing we do.  We don't exist to use people to build services and programs; we use programs and services to build people.  Developing people is the number 1 thing we're doing." 


Ephesians 4:11-13 says, " The gifts he gave were that some would be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers, 12 to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ."  Paul gives us these instructions about equipping the Saints for a reason.  How do you think he was so successful in spreading the Gospel all over the Roman empire, when he only spent a few months to a couple of years in each place?  Christianity grew by an average of 40% per year for the first 200 years. How does that happen when the founding Pastor keeps taking off?  Aside from the power of the Holy Spirit, Paul was successful because he raised up leaders to take over after he left.  Pastor/leaders like Timothy, Titus, Silas, and John Mark.  As well as Elders/Shepherds in every community.  "This is why I left you in Crete, so that you might put what remained into order, and appoint elders in every town as I directed you"


I believe that we all need to do a better job of creating a leadership development plan for every believer in our church.  Everyone has the potential to be a servant leader of Christ.  Every Believer should be Discipled, every teacher, Deacon, and Board member should be trained, and we shold be raising up a future generation to replace us in ministry and take the world for Christ!  This won't happen if we continue to do church as usual and focus more on entertaining people on Sunday mornings than preparing them for leadership. 


Ron Thomas, and the Superintendents have recognized the pastoral leadership crisis we are facing. We have made Leadership Development a key part of the strategic plan of our Denomination going forward because we recognize the need.  The question is, will the local church see it, and will the local Pastor be willing to step up and play a key role in developing people, young and old alike within their congregations for ministry in the body and for ministry beyond their church.


Part 2 of our Denominations Strategic Plan states:


A.  Provide the criteria to determine (assess) leadership health. 

1.  Criteria to be determined by a team of selected consultants

2.  Health to be evaluated in five areas: Spiritually-Mentally



B.  Identify both proven and potential leaders

1.  Compile list in cooperation with Regional Superintendents

     conference leaders and local pastors

2.   Compile list from conference and regional youth events and

      educational institutions' enrollment

3.   Maintain contact with college students attending associated


a.   ACGC contact churches and camps for name of high school

      seniors and college age students

b.   ACGC personnel is to make a minimum of three campus visits

      each year

c.   Regional Superintendents are encouraged to make one campus

      visit each year

d.   Contact information to be shared between ACGC and Regions


C.   Implement Assessment Plan for leadership health

1.   Employ the developed assessment tools and process

2.   Extend invitations to proven and potential leaders to participate

3.   Tabulate results of the assessment to measure the effectiveness

      of the process


D.   Provide resources and methodologies for achieving leadership


1.   Utilize available delivery systems such as LEAD Teams, AIMS,

      partnerships with educational institutions and programs to serve

      our leaders

a.   Through Web Services build an online community site to connect


b.   Expand the number of LEAD Teams to 25 by 2014

c.   Provide internship opportunities as part of the evaluation and

      preparation experience

d.   Identify ten to twelve approved sights for AIMS

2.   Collaborate with our educational institutions in the development

      and delivery of learning and enrichment opportunities (Aurora

      University, Berkshire Christian College, Berkshire Institute for

      Christian Studies, Eastern University, Gordon-Conwell

      Theological Seminary, and Oro Bible College)

3.   Create Global Training component for our developing outreach

      ministry sites.

4.   Develop Charlotte campus as a resource/training center

a.   Produce training seminars on DVD-CD-MP3-MOV (Web Format)

b.   Develop a media library and delivery system of leadership training


c.   Develop a "Leadership Periodical" as a compliment to or revision

     of "Henceforth"

d.   Publish ACGC commissioned works related to theology and

      practical ministry.

5.   Groom partnerships with para-church organizations such as

      Intimate Life, World Vision, Denominational Prayer Leaders'

      Network, Sonlife Classic, BILD

6.   Develop adjunct professorships for Oro Bible College and

      Institudo Biblico Jerico


E.   Facilitate opportunities for deployment/appointment to positions

      of leadership

1.   Through regional superintendents, area directors and Associate

      Members, identify ministry opportunities

2.   Provide training and equipping events to help leaders mature and


3.   Develop scholarship/grants that enable pastors/leaders to attend seminars, workshops and retreats that contribute to their health


The Eastern Region is working hard to do its share to help the team reach these goals.  Most of these items fall under our Leadership Development or Pastoral Health ministries of the Region.  We are sharing information, keeping track of developing leaders, doing campus visits, utilizing Antioch School as well as other educational opportunities to see our people trained. As well as working to improve the overall health and assessment of the health of our Pastors.  


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March 2013 


In This Issue

SAVE THE DATE ... 2013 Eastern Regional Convention


Exciting Summer Ministry News   

We would like to annouce our plans to have

a Summer Ministry Team or teams that will travel around New England for 8 weeks of the summer doing ministry in Camps and Revitalization Churches.  We are looking for young people 19+ who are mature in their faith and would like to grow in their leadership development and walk with the Lord.  If you or someone you know would be interested, please direct them to our website at and click the "Summer Ministry" tab.  On this page you can read all about the program and download the brochure and application forms.  Please be praying that God will raise up a group of young people who will have a powerful ministry experience this summer!

Join Our Mailing List
ERA Board of Directors
Rev. Steve Ludwick, President
Rev. Paul Carter, Vice President
Rev. Allen Latimore, Clerk
Mrs. Karen Emerson, Treasurer
Rev. Robert Fabian, President
   Heritage Conference
Rev. Nick Foss, President

   Maine State Conference

Mr. Mark Bickford, President
   Maranatha Conference
Rev. George Karl, Rep.
   New Life Conference

Rev. George Middleton,  President New York Conference

Rev. Ken Perkins, President

   Nova Scotia Conference

Mr. Charlie Merrill

   ERA Representative to ACGC


 New England Center 

for Expository Preaching 

Annual Pastors' Conference


April 23-24, 2013 in Hampstead, NH

Speaker:  Dr. Steven J. Lawson

Theme: "Expository Preaching:  Its Mandate, Meaning, Marks, Models, and Mechanics"


With a special pre-conference session with Dr. Lawson on April 22 entitled "Martin Luther - The Protestant Recovery of the True Gospel." 


Registration and further information (including location and pricing) can be found at by Clicking here



2013 Eastern Regional Convention
October 25-27
at the Wyndham
Boston/Andover Hotel
Andover, MA
"The Way of Christ
& The Apostles" 
Camp Dates? 

Next month we would love to be able to provide the Eastern Regional Camps and Campmeeting Dates.

Our publication goes out to over 450 emails, and all the 75 churches in the Eastern Region.  This is a great way to get your camp and campmeeting dates out to the Region and the denomination.

We are also going to post these to our website which even more, broadens the the outreach for your programs.

So calling all camps and campmeeting officers, please contact Carolyn Schaeffner at your earliest convenience to give us the scoop on your summer programs. 


We hope to hear from you soon.

The ONLY camp we heard from is 

Camp Faithful

Southington, CT


Jr. Camp July 21 - 27 

July 27-  Aug. 4  

Family Camp With adults and teens  

July 28 - Aug 3 Teen camp begins on Sunday afternoon and ends on Saturday at noon.


Folks, don't miss out on this great opportunity to get your camp and campmeeting dates out to those who want to attend.

Give us a call in the ERA office or email.

2013 Convention Workshops on ERA You-Tube 

As you might remember, Josh Duncan of Lion Tracks Ministries video recorded our 8 workshops from the 2013 Convention.  These are now available on


Musings" by Clayton Blackstone

The Inside Work of Winter

Clayton Blackstone 

"I have been bent and broken, but I hope into a better shape." Estella in Charles Dicken's Great Expectations

Since scrubbing the grout lines between bathroom tiles, I've thought a great deal about the inside work of winter. Because few folks notice the end result of my labors, it's the kind I'd rather not do.

I prefer mowing the lawn and overdosing on the smell of grass clippings while soaking in a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Even deadheading flowers or spreading mulch. But these wait for the resurrection of spring, the glory of summer and the harvest of fall. In winter, I turn my attention to interior chores like maintaining floor tiles, painting trim, cleaning the cellar and replacing smoke alarm batteries.

As the mercury drops, I often experience parallel winter conditions of the soul. Days, weeks or months of falling spiritual temperatures, dull skies, frozen ground, and bone-­-chilling winds.

I accelerate my reading, return to journaling, or resolve to spend an hour praying in hopes of inducing a winter thaw. But, even though it falls into the category of mindless drudgery, winter interior work cannot be rushed.

I dream of escape to anywhere that boasts of weather to warm my spirit. A seminar led by a famous author or a young-­-buck pastor oozing success, or a Caribbean cruise on a floating four-­-star hotel complete with menu choices certain to expand my waistline and with entertainment provided by top Christian recording artists.

I pray conversation with a friend or my spiritual director will result in a change in winter conditions, melting the icicles, improving the state of the roads, and warming the earth enough for the crocus to break through.

I am always disappointed.

Spiritual transformation "can't be hurried, programmed or tinkered with. There are no steroids available for growing up in Christ more quickly. Impatient shortcuts land us in the dead ends of immaturity."1

I lose myself in thoughts of the three seasons of the year when Hazel and I can work together if we choose. Of conversations as we weed a flowerbed or stop for a water break to quench our thirst. But the interior tasks involve solo work.

So, during these bleak seasons of my soul, I allow for healthy chunks of alone time staring out the window at turkeys in parade along the tree line or watching water drip off the roof. Blocks of time where I choose not to be at my cell phone's beck and call or my computer's distracting "You've got mail." Driving from here to there with radio silenced.

"To be in solitude," writes Dallas Willard, " is to choose to do nothing. For extensive periods of time. All accomplishments given up. Silence is required to complete solitude for until we enter quietness, the world still lays hold of us."2

I experience solitude as a severe trial, for it cracks open and bursts apart the shell of my spiritual securities. It opens out to the unknown abyss carried within and discloses the fact that these abysses are haunted.3

Still, I opt for solitude because I must. Here the Spirit of God works in ways wondrous only when seen looking over my shoulder. I follow Him into these winter wastelands, not for joy set before me but because He deems them necessary to my transformation.4

Clayton Blackstone

1 Eugene Peterson. Practice Resurrection. (Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2010), 133. 


2 Dallas Willard in the Foreword to Ruth Haley Barton's Invitation to Solitude and Silence. Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2010. 12.


3 Adapted from Louis Bouyer. The Spirituality of the New Testament and the Fathers. Vol. 1 of A History of Christian Spirituality. (New York: Seabury, 1982), 313. 4 See Luke 4 for role of the Holy Spirit in leading Jesus into the wilderness.


Oasis Cottagecottage

Alton Bay Christian Conference Center is offering to our active pastors a one week stay at a cottage on the Conference Center grounds.  This is on a first-come, first-reserved basis, beginning in May through Labor Day.  The week stay begins at noon on Saturday through the following Saturday morning.  For more information, please contact the Eastern Regional Office first either by phone (603) 332-1412 or email.

New E-Book Available by Rev. Chad Fernald
C Fernald Book Cover

I wanted to let you all know that I have broken new ground in my life!  I have published an e-book through Amazon entitled 'Reflections on the Cross'.  This is a 40 day devotional on the centrality of the cross of Jesus Christ. 


I originally put this together back in 2006 and have used it in different formats, such as on our church website a couple years ago.  I finally decided to get off the fence, tighten it up and put it out there. 


It is on  for $2.99.  I would appreciate your support not only in purchasing the book, but also in spreading the word.  It is a dream of mine to write for publication and I am hopeing the Lord allows this to be the first step. 


-  Chad Fernald is the Pastor at the Hope Community Church in Dover, NH

Save the Date - June 15, 2013 
(formally Mission's Conference)

Rebecca NicollPlease mark your calendars for Saturday June 15, 2013.  This is a brand new type of Conference for the ladies of the Eastern Region.


Conference Annual Meetings: will now be held in one location, once a year.


We will start off in the chapel with speakers, music and vision.


In the afternoon, each Conference will break off into a separate conference area with the President of their Conference and conduct their own Annual Meeting!  We will then gather together to close our day. We will be meeting at Alton Bay Conference Center.


This is a one day event from 9AM to 3:30 PM

We believe that this is going to actually help us to connect as Conferences and to eliminate all the different meetings throughout the year and bring them under one date.  Therefore, you can mark your calendars now so that you are able to join in with us!


Rooms are available to those who will need to arrive on Friday evening.


This is a huge different concept and I pray that you keep an open mind, see the vision


The WHFMS/Women's Ministry Board has for this plan, and support it! 


Registration forms will be coming to your Church soon.  Please be looking for it. 


Again as always Pastors, I very much appreciate your support in encouraging your ladies to attend!


Look for it coming on Face book with announcements as things develop and the planning takes shape!

Hope to see you there!

Becky Nicoll

Women's Ministry & WHFMS

Email Change

Effective June 1, 2013 we will no longer use our AOL emails for Greg Twitchell and Carolyn Schaeffner.

We will use the emails associated with the ERA website.
Please make this change in your contact list.
We will keep this reminder in the newsletter until June.
Thanks for your help in getting the word out!

Penny Crusade 2013 Penny Crusade 2013

All materials availabe of the ACGC website
The Eastern Regional Association Newsletter 

is published as a ministry of the Eastern Regional Association of the Advent Christian General Conference.

Rev. Gregory Twitchell,
Miss Carolyn Schaeffner,
Administrative Secretary


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